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Empowerment Through Education Program

We work to transform the lives of marginalized adolescent girls by providing scholarships that support them to attain education, learn skills, and gain further knowledge through empowerment through the education (ETE) program.

Through ETE we provide merit-based scholarships, educational and menstrual hygiene materials. Our main aim through this program is to transform girls.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

The ETE program is for girls in secondary school (beginning and continuing) who meet the following additional criteria.


Are financially disadvantaged as per the discretion of the committee.


Have high morals and character.


Are students in good academic standing.


Have a passion for helping their communities and giving back.

Menstrual Hygiene Management

If a girl misses 4 days of school every 4 weeks due to her period, she will miss 10 to 20 percent of her school days. (World Bank 2005; Tjon a Ten 2007 quoted in Oster and Thornton 2011)

Numerous studies* have found that, in addition to missing entire or partial school days, girls also participate less in class and experience reduced concentration during menstruation.

Girls Unstoppable Uganda partners with local organizations to run menstrual hygiene management workshops in secondary schools around Uganda. We work with our partners to tailor each program to each community’s specific menstrual health needs.

*El-Gilany, Badawi, and El-Fedaway 2005; Grant, Lloyd, and Mensch 2013; Boosey, Prestwich, and Deave 2014; Gultie, Hailu and Workineh 2014; Tegegne and Sisay 2014; Jothy and Kalaiselv 2012; Konapur and Nagaraj 2014; NestBuilders International 2012; Tamiru et al. 2014 and 2015; Wanja 2014; Wong 2011; WaterAid 2009; Caruso et al. 2013.

At Girls Unstoppable Uganda, our goal is to ensure that every adolescent girl can attend school.

Access to pads allows these girls to feel comfortable and confident in a learning environment, but it is critical to combine menstrual hygiene products with comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) education.

Whenever we host a workshop, we do so by partnering with established schools that can host secondary school led workshops and start a dialogue around menstruation and related menstrual hygiene management (MHM) and SRHR education.

Partnerships, Advocacy & Mobilization

Uganda and Africa are endowed with a rich culture different one from another. These cultures give us identity so does religion. However,  there are certain cultural practices that have become obsolete now yet certain communities still practice them, and for that matter,  we have some girls being denied access to education,  skills and knowledge. Every girl should be supported to dream and realise her dream.

Through our advocacy and mobilization,  girls unstoppable Ug works with communities to challenge them into revolutionizing away from practices that de-mean,  and limit girls’ inclusion in leadership,  education and employment, while applauding and supporting the uptake of practices and innovations that support education for all adolescent girls. 

We shouldn’t lose girls to domestic violence,  early childhood marriages, female genital mutilation or household chores. Even with universal education,  30% of girls are out of school because of bad cultural and religious practices and norms. This picture direly needs to change. Girls Unstoppable Uganda advocates therefore for access to quality education for all adolescent girls, FRESH (Focusing Resources for Effective Health) schools that address ASRH needs for girls while at school and this requires a change in policy and resource allocation at all levels of governance.

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